Baby Name

What is the name of your baby?

Baby Name

What is the name of your baby?

Record Sound

Make a sound one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve

Hold Space to start recording

Test test blah

Press space to continue

Connection Error

There was a problem communicating with the server.

Check your internet connection.

We will try again in 5 seconds.

Microphone Error

You must grant permission for us to access your microphone to play this game.

To change your preference, click on the camera icon (with a cross in front of it) on the right side of the address bar and click "Always allow".

Refresh the page after doing this.

Unsupported Browser

I know, I know... what is this the 90s?

This game uses some experimental APIs that are only implemented in Google Chrome.

It's not playable in anything else.

Please do get Chrome and come back!

We need to use your microphone

This game involves you contributing short sounds using the microphone.

If you do not permit access, you will not be able to play the game.

You will be presented with an explicit recording interface whenever the microphone is accessed - and will be given the opportunity to re-record any sound clips you are dissatisfied with.

These short sound clips, as well as any other content you contribute, will be uploaded to the game servers to be used in the game. All content will be stored anonymously and is in no way traceable to its creator. The content will not be used for any other purposes.

To continue to the game, click "Continue"

Story of Everyone

Thank you for playing The Story of Everyone by Xiyun Weng and Jonathan Scott.

By playing, you have contributed to the game. Your contributions will be experienced by future players.

We hope you enjoyed it. Though the story does not change, the characters and world you interact with will. So do feel free to play again.